The experienced team at Timberline Woodworkers can handle all of our clients meetneeds from start to finish. Our highly qualified general contractors have the knowledge to bring any project design to life.


We are fully licensed and insured. Timberline Woodworkers is a company you can trust, we are dedicated to our clients every construction and remodeling need.

Experienced and Reliable Planning

Timberline Woodworkers will work with you from start to finish planning, building and completing projects. This is vital as it creates a higher quality product and keeps the project running steadily. Having Timberline Woodworkers working directly with you on planning not only saves you money, but it gives you the advantage of our distinctive professional experience. We make sure your project is finished promptly and efficiently.


Timberline Woodworkers provides a highly-trained and skilled team of top craftsmen for each project. The work produced is always of a high caliber as we pride ourselves on our experienced and reliable staff. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Whether you are, remodeling your house or starting a project from the ground up, we ensure your complete satisfaction.


In the modern construction world each project has it’s own set of obstacles. Timberline Woodworkers creates solutions and is committed to the highest quality finished product. Our team works within your budget to complete projects on time with advanced workmanship and incomparable quality.

  • We work in your budget meeting project deadlines and accept last minute requests.
  • Any mechanical or scheduling problems the client may have are professionally solved.
  • Your business can stay open while we work with very little disruptions as construction areas are isolated.
  • Details of the project are kept in permanent records and can be accessed for customer reference if need be for the future.

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